In Memoriam
Liz - Bayrakki's Parlemo at Kirkmarsh (import Sweden)
25 July 2003 - 17 December 2012

This lovely little girl came all the way from Sweden, thank you to Mats Sjogren of the Bayrakki Kennel. We had quite a time getting her over here, Melvyn and Ian went to Heathrow in the July of 2002, but her papers were not in order, and she had to stay anther 6 months, by which time she was in season, so Mats sent her to us on the 8th February 2005, but I can safely say she was worth the wait.

Liz became a family member very quickly, and came with a lovely coat, so we decided that to get bonded with each other we would take her to a few shows, Liz was shown in England and on the Munster Circuit. Liz loved all the attention of being groomed, trimmed and people touching and admiring her. I soon fell head over heels in love with her, and I think she did with me. She got a few placing’s in the ring.

 We started gundog training, and Liz won a few placings at the SIWSC events, and also won a cup in Ireland at Shane’s Castle in a gundog test.



Cold game 002 006 008. Trophy from shanes castle Liz 6.

The main reason for bring Liz into the country was to breed with her, to try to improve the gene pool of IWS ,as with being so few IWS in this country, the lines were getting very close, and some health issues were occurring, such as temperament and fertility.

This good natured, bouncy loveable girl, with good health scores 6 – 5 Hips, Elbows 0 and Eyes clear, fitted  the bill for breeding with. This was the first time we had x-rayed elbows, as Mats had asked if we would, as In Sweden they have to. We have now done Hips, Elbows and eye tests on all of our dogs since.

Liz went across to Ireland for her first mating, this was to keep a low co-efficient of inbreeding. We went to Ir Sh Ch Cahean Ingleside, Cal, belonging to Emma O’Donnell.  On 14th February 2006 Liz gave birth to 7 boys and 3 girls.

photo Liz and Cal pups 026

In May 2008, we had arranged for semen to come over from America, so we could AI Liz with it. Unfortunately this was not successful, we were very sorry about this not working as Liz had been going up to Yeadon just about every day for blood tests, all for nothing.

Liz’s second litter was by our next import Bentley (Grainne’s Pirate at Kirkmarsh), Liz gave birth on 1st March 2009 to 5 boys and 5 girls.

Photo Liz and Bentley pups 009

Liz’s third and last litter by Mr Doyle (Kirkmarsh Mr Doyle of Hiberna) when she had 3 boys and 5 girls.


Liz and Doyle pups 003

Liz was an exceptional Mum, and while in the whelping box, Liz would get out and sit in the arm chair at the side of the box and watch them, she was protective of them as well.

On 26th November 2012, Liz went into the vets for a booster and health check and that is when they found a Mammary Tumour. We had it removed on the 30th, and our vet thought it would be alright and we would be looking at 6 to 12 months before anything returned. But on the night of the 16th  December Liz was very uncomfortable, and in the early hours of the 17th was very poorly, and we did not expect her to live to the morning. We had her at the vets 8.00 the next morning, and he said that the cancer had returned very aggressively, and it would be better to put her to sleep. Being told this is like being gutted, you know you have to do it for their sake, but it really hurts.   

Liz used to accompany me on the shoot picking up, and was always at my feet, or on my knee when at home. I loved this girl, and she has made a difference to the IWS that she has bred in this country. Liz will always be in our hearts.


Photo Liz and Noah 1022.