In Memoriam
Ria - Kirkmarsh Bustle
1 March 2009 - 12 April 2013


While out for a walk on the 12th of April, Ria was stuck by a truck on a service road that runs through the park where we walk the dogs. Ria was having a bit of a hooley, running round and being chased by Yeates, which did not help things. Melvyn managed to get Yeates back to him, but Ria was having none of it, she had always been very strong willed, and try as he might to get her back, Ria ran on to the road, which is seldom  used but unfortunately today it was being used and she was hit by a truck. We got her to the vets, but she died, just before we got there.

This has been an awful shock for both of us, and it shows that the dogs must be under control at all times.







Ria is a Liz and Bentley pup, she was very sweet, but although she was very keen at gundog work in the beginning, she lost interest in it unless she could do as she wanted at the time. I think looking back I should have probably put her in the show ring, as she was quite attractive to look at.

She will be missed, as she was always up for something around the house usually had shoes, gloves or hats in her mouth.
Rest in peace little one.