In Memoriam
Teasel - Kirkmarsh Valley Mist
23rd April 1999 – 21st August 2009

It has taken a long time to write about Teasel, and I have to say it is still not easy now, my eyes are full of tears at the thought of this girl. Melvyn was supposed to write this but can’t, it upsets him so.

Teasel on the right with mum, Sheba

Teasel was our home bred girl out of Sheba (Radicott Delila at Kirkmarsh) and Rusty (Cuboglach Northern Rustic), our first litter of IWS. She was Melvyn's girl right from the start, her quite winning ways, she would sit on his knee, and Yes, he would sing in to her throat, she loved it, and kept pressing her throat closer into his mouth, it really was so funny to see them both.

She enjoyed her gundog work, was a little slow at getting there, and was over shadowed with Morgan doing so well, and people did not notice her as much, as she would just sit at the side of Melvyn and watch everything.

We tried to breed with her a few times and she went over to Ireland 3 times, to 2 different dogs, and nothing became of it, Melvyn always said that she like the Ferry journey! Anyway clutching at straws, we asked Dave Gresty if we could try Paddy (Radicott Water Bug). So after an AV Gundog event Paddy came home with Melvyn to see what Teasel thought about him! Well it was love at first sight, we had two matings, and on December  10th   2004 she gave birth to 4 bitches and 2 dogs, one of these was the famous Mr Doyle (Kirkmarsh Mr Doyle at Hiberna).





Teasel with her first litter,
which included the much admired Kirkmarsh Mr Doyle of Hiberna









Teasel went back to work picking up and doing Competition gundog working tests, and in 2005 she won an AV Gundog working test, making her the only 2nd IWS to do so (Morgan being the other) there were 29 dogs in the class. So the quiet little girl had finally made her mark.

Teasel with her trophy for her any variety working test win.







On the 27th February she had another litter, repeat mating with Paddy, as he was the only one, Teasel would consider! You only had to mention his name “Paddy” and she was up and looking for him!

This litter had 5 dogs and 3 bitches, and most of you will know Oscar (Kirkmarsh Torrent).

Teasel's second litter






Teasel spent most of the time after this litter being with Melvyn and either being his peg dog or picking up dog, she really enjoyed the shooting field. After her mother Sheba passed away, she never wanted the Manageress job that Sheba held so well, she has never wanted that responsibility, but saying that all the other dogs respected her.

These three photos show Teasel acting as Melvyn's peg dog on a shoot in Lincolnshire


These two photos are both copyright Nick Ridley and show Teasel as one of a group of four Irish Water Spaniels on picking up duty at Chillington Hall  which  was used as a feature in the January 2008 edition of Sporting Shooter magazine. The other dogs involved were Teasel's beloved Paddy, her son, Doyle and distant cousin and son of our Morgan, Feargal.

 We just loved her and Melvyn adored her, it was most definitely a team, and I know that Melvyn misses her everyday.

The late, great Teasel, may she rest in peace.