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Spancilhill Kate Of Kirkmarsh (Imp Ireland) - Kate

Date of birth 10th September 2008.  
Sire. Irish Show Champion Kirkmarsh Countryman.  
Dam. Skip Lightly of Spancilhill  
Hips 7 – 5  
Elbows 0  
Eyes N/A  

Kate arrived at our house on November the 5th  2008 bold as brass, nothing fazed her. She had travelled with Melvyn all the way from southern Ireland, been on the ferry and travelled back to Killamarsh, not even sick on the long journey.

Kate as a puppy 003 and 008

In the January 2009 both Kate and Ziva went to our local shoot just to meet and greet people there and have a listen to the guns a good distance away.

Kate has always been a very friendly girl, she loves people and all animals. At one stage we were thinking about taking out insurance on her in case she broke a nose or knocked somebody’s front teeth out, as she always takes a flying leap at visitors!

Kate saying hello to cow 042

Training her to do the gundog work was quite easy, and she looked promising. In the October she was placed 2nd in the 12 to 18 months puppy at the SIWSC AV gundog test.

Kate award 022, water test 1 and 2.

But through that summer Kate had been itching, biting and nibbling herself, her tummy was red raw and her hair underneath her tummy, armpits and all around her privates were bare. We visited the vets and had some tests done, to find out that she had allergy problems to different grasses and some trees, that was great news considering she is to be a gundog! So we now inject Kate every month to desensitize the allergy. We also found out that when Kate was in season she hardly had any itching at all, but then when the time would come round to her time to have had pups she did not know where to itch, scratch, bite or nibble herself, at these times she could not concentrate on any sort of gundog work for her condition, we had her entered for a few tests in the summer but could not attend for the allergy. In January 2010 we had Kate spayed, this was very upsetting as she is a lovely bitch and we would have loved to have had a litter from her, but for the sake of passing on this allergy to offspring, and more to the point we had her spayed for her sake, getting rid of the hormones, has been the best move for Kate, as since then the itching and the rest of her torment has been greatly reduced.

Kate head 5848.