KIRKMARSH DOGS - Yeates (Ballyhoo's Quarry Seeker At Kirkmarsh)
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      Ballyhoo’s Quarry Seeker at Kirkmarsh.(Imp USA)   Yeates.


D.o.B. 17th March 2012.  
Sire. Am Ch Saracen Hard Scrabble  
Dam. Am Ch Ballyhoo’s Janne O’Bachlach  
Hips, 6 – 7  
Elbows, 0  
Eyes, Clear (September2016).  

 Yeates and Melvyn outside the animal reception centre at Heathrow.

Young Yeates meeting other dogs

Yeates came into the country on the 11th July 2012, we would like to thank Dede Selph, who bred Yeates for letting us have this little rogue, Oh I mean lovely little boy! And for all the help and wonderful presents that Yeates has received.  Also we would like to thank the wonderful Ginny and Larry Spencer who took Yeates for a month before he could come to the UK. Ginny had a great time with Yeates , even got him graduated from puppy school, with a certificate. Introduced to water in a paddling pool, and said something about him being a Brat, can’t imagine what she means. But I do know he left his mark with Ginny, even if it was a chewed up plant! And she did her best to get him to heal on the lead! (Melvyn is still trying!).

Ginny Spencer with Yeates graduating from puppy school

It was Yeates birthday on the 17th March and he was a year old. Dede sent him a lovely matching collar and snood, he is a real spoilt boy!

We have had Yeates a year now, and laugh, my how he makes us laugh!, he is a little loveable rogue, and even if you tell him off , he looks you straight in the eye, wags his tail, and says “come on let’s have a laugh”, I can safely say we have never had one like him!

He enjoys his gundog training, and he is learning Melvyn a lot! I do not know whether it is swearing or patience! But Yeates is a little gem and they is nothing he cannot do. His training is coming on and Melvyn really loves him, as we both do. I am sure he will do his best for Melvyn, because he never leaves his side. Hopefully this next shooting season he will, go out picking up a few times, and we know he will pick game.

Young Yeates out training with Melvyn

Breed confined gundog working test                   







We entered Yeates in the Irish Water Spaniel Open Show on 6th October 2013.
He had been clipped off in September for a couple of days in Scotland picking up on Partridge,
so he definitely was not in a show coat.

He was entered in two classes, Novice Dog, and Yeates was placed 2nd out of two, 
and then he was in the Special Working Dog or Bitch, he was the only one entered and was awarded 1st place. It had been many years since the working trophy “The Inu Goya Trophy” had been awarded. So no competition in his classes which was a shame, but this write up from the judge Mike Gadsby, in Dog World said a lot.

“2nd, Ballyhoo’s Quarry Seeker at Kirkmarsh, I notice an import from the US and a working dog who later won the Special Working Trophy. I liked him a lot and whilst this was possibly his first time in the show ring he did himself justice with a worthy performance. In a sporting trim and therefore nothing to hide, he has super confirmation, his outline and proportions are excellent, sound on the move and not surprisingly in rock hard condition.”

We were well pleased with this write up, thank you Mike Gadsby.         

A Pheasant retrieve


Last October we entered him in the IWSA Open Show in the puppy class and he stood 2nd out of three, so that was not too bad.

Irish Water Spaniel Asociation Open Show 2012

The SIWSC held their breed confined gundog test on the 7th July, Yeates was entered in the 12 to 18 months old puppies and he came 2nd out of 5, so we were well pleased with that.

Breed confined gundog working test