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OUR YEAR (2006)

And what a busy one!!

Well what a year, from having Liz mated in Ireland just before Christmas to Cal (Ir Sh Ch Cahean Ingleside) and spending time with Emma O'Donnell (Cal's mum) and her parents Shauna and Mark, plus her Auntie Teri, (Shauna’s sister) who very kindly let us stay again with her. This family are second to none, and we wish Emma lots of luck in the future with her dogs and just wish there were more young people with as much drive and enthusiasm as Emma has.
Then, while we were there Teasel came in season and was mated on Boxing Day to Paddy (Radicott Waterbug), thanks to Dave and Lin for letting us use their lovely boy again.

New Year's eve and Melvyn and I were reading through the Irish Water Spaniel Club of America magazine and there was a picture of two puppies sat on steps, one of those pups was Bentley. We started the ball rolling that evening to bring Bentley to England, thank you to Larry and Ginny Spencer for letting us have this wonderful boy. More on Bentley later.

February 14th and Liz gave birth to 10 puppies, and on the 28th Teasel had 8 puppies. This was a very busy time for us and the next couple of months were hard work, but very rewarding caring for 18 babies and their mums. It also was enjoyable meeting our friends and new puppy owners, who came two or three times to see the litters.


New boy in town "Bentley"

April 29th and 30th we attended the Beta Gundog Weekend at Cirencester Park, representing the breed in their gundog tent. 


                                                                                                      Teasel with pups and Liz with pups

June 17th and 18th saw us attending the Irish Festival at Shane Castle Co Antrim. The Irish Water Spaniel Club of Ireland put on a Gundog Working Test, so Pauline and Ian Probert, Dave Gresty and Lyn Tombs and ourselves all met up at the airport hotel, as Dave and Lyn flew in, with Pauline and Ian bringing Dave & Lyn's dog Paddy with them on the ferry, which is the way we travelled. It was a fun packed weekend.

Liz won The Coleenville Cup for the highest placed IWS in the preliminary class, at Shane's Castle, Antrim Ireland. Run by the Irish Water Spaniel Club in Ireland. On our trip to the Irish Festival, at Shane's Castle in Antrim. The Irish Water Spaniel Club (of Ireland) ran the working tests, and Teasel won the Cecil Fry Cup for being the highest placed IWS in the intermediate Class.

On July 15th we met Angelika Blom and her partner PA. Angelika is a very good friend of Mats Sjorgen who bred Liz, and is also Secretary of the Swedish IWS club. We met them at the IWSA Championship show, then they came home with us for the weekend, all we can say about them is what a great couple and we enjoyed our weekend with them.

July 20th YES OUR fortnight holiday starts, with driving down to Chillington Hall for the Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club breed confined gundog working tests' weekend.

July 21st   The long awaited arrival of Bentley. We met Ginny Spencer at Heathrow Airport on a very hot day and had to wait a few hours for Bentley to come out of the animal centre, but boy was it worth it, we knew from photos that he was a very nice boy and handsome, but we have a lot more dog, he is absolutely fantastic and so is his breeder Ginny, what an amazing lady, she put so much knowledge and time into Bentley's litter.

July 22nd and 23rd Water Test and Gundog Working Test, we ran Teasel, Liz, and Ellie on both days, and had a wonderful social time with good friends in the evening.

                Denise with Liz at Chillington
Melvyn and Ellie competing at Chillington Hall


July 24th a group of us travelled down to Salisbury to a caravan site, which was near to, Romsey and the CLA Game Fair where we were representing the breed in the Gundog tent and putting on a display of gundog work in the ring.

July 28th 29th and 30th attending the Game Fair

August 1st take Ginny back to Heathrow airport

August 2nd Back home to settle Bentley in to our routine before we start work again.

August 28th we were invited again to join in a demo and working test by the United Retriever Club Midlands branch at Hope Agricultural Show in the Peak District. This consisted of teams of 4, Black Labs, Yellow Labs,Goldie’s,  Flatcoat retrievers  Chesapeake Bay retrievers and Irish Water Spaniels. Unfortunately, last year's winners the Chocolate Labs could not attend this year.

September 10th we were in Ormskirk, at Neil and Amanda Rothwells farm at the SIWSC training day, it was a very good day, and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously, good training and good company, and a lovely tea at the end of the day provided by Lois and Fred Ferrans.    

September 16th and 17th a group of us attended the Midland Game Fair at Weston Park. We were again representing the breed in the gundog tent and also in the vulnerable breed tent.      

September 23rd to the 25th we were very pleased to welcome our American visitor Liz Liddle from California. What a lovely lady, we had a wonderful weekend, and talked only of IWS, which was really nice. We hope we can meet again some time in the future.







Liz Liddle with our gang

October 15th. Saw Melvyn busy organising the SIWSC Any Variety Gundog Working Test at Kingsley Moor, Stoke on Trent, being Chief Steward for the day. Unfortunately we did not run a dog, Ellie being in season and Gina not being there because my father was ill in hospital, so I could not attend the day. But again it was a great success every one enjoyed it.

November 19th it was the IWSA Open Show at Tollerton, Nottinghamshire. It was a great weekend right from the Friday before when Shauna and Emma O’Donnell flew over from Ireland; it was so nice to see them again. Emma had come prepared to do the grooming on 3 dogs for the show on Sunday, dogs were bathed and blown dried and trimmed, Bentley, Gina and her litter brother Logan who belongs to Louise Bailey, coped with all of this brilliantly.

Gina getting ready for her debut show at Tollerton  
Gina in action at Tollerton  

I have to say that the three of them looked stunning, Emma had made a wonderful job, and we are very grateful to her and her mum.

Unfortunately we could not show Bentley as he went lame on the Saturday, but we took him with us for the ride on the Sunday. Logan was in Puppy Dog, and was placed second. Gina was in Puppy bitch, and Penny Diamond the judge gave her a first prize, as unfortunately there was only Gina in her class.

Then the time came to go into the ring to meet the Puppy Dog, for Best Puppy in Show, Penny had us both moving round the ring, Then both dogs were stood, while Penny made up her mind, and to my amazement she gave Best Puppy in show to our Gina, we were absolutely THRILLED.

After the show came the obedience classes, so I put Gina in the puppy class, there were three others in it, one of them was Gina’s sister Maegan, owned by Ursula Wilcox, and one from Teasel's litter, Cassie owned by Penny Hillman.

It must have been Gina’s day as she also won the Puppy Obedience; we were over the moon with this lovely girl.

Of course it is the shooting season as well, so Melvyn is out shooting most weekends, and he takes his faithful girl Teasel with him, they are inseparable.


Blaesby shoot in Lincolnshire on an IWS shoot day,
Melvyn is second from right with Teasel.                  




December 2006



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