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May 2011.

Ziva and Ria went to have their eyes tested, and thankfully they were both clear. May the 16th saw the Liz and Doyle puppies a Year old, my, time passes so quickly.

At the end of the month we had a holiday in Dumfriesshire, to meet up with a person we had only spoken to on the phone over the past 18 months or so.. Cammy and his wife Jennifer made us very welcome at their home, and we spent a lot of time with Cammy and the IWS Wrinks who he is training for the shooting field. We were very privileged to be able to train on the Duke of Buccleuch estate, as Cammy lives on the edge of it, and picks up on the shoots there, and in the surrounding area.  Melvyn and Ziva were also invited to an evening  rabbit shoot  on the estate, it was Ziva’s first time on rabbits and Melvyn said that both of them had a really good evening, and Ziva had done very well.  Cammy also runs events for the Galloway Gundogs, and while we were up there they had a gundog test on the 5th of June, Melvyn ran Ziva in the novice test and came 10th out of 50 dogs with Wrinks coming 11th so that was a lovely end to our holidays, not to mention the wonderful meal that Jennifer did for us on the night.   We had a wonderful time up there and we hope it will not be long before we visit again.


Melvyn & Ziva



Melvyn, and his grandson, Noah (se right) who was One Year Old, celebrated their birthdays at the Pizza Hut, which was a great afternoon.
Ziva came into season, and was mated with Kirkmarsh Mr Doyle on the 24th June.


Kirkmarsh Dasher, known as Rover and owned by Fred and Carole Winterton, had his hips scored and the result was Right hip 3 and Left hip 3, so a total of 6 which is a great score. Rover is being shown by Barbara Dewing, who is no stranger to IWS, as she used to breed and show her own. Rover has done very well in the show ring, and seems to enjoy strutting his stuff.



Kirkmarsh Delight for Hiberna, known as Faith (below and right), and belonging to Ian and Pauline Probert, who also own Doyle, Faith’s sire, Faith was run in the puppy tests 12 to 18 months at the SIWSC weekend tests at Chillington handled by Pauline. The Water Test on the Saturday 9th, Faith came 1st and was awarded the Staftley Trophy, on the Sunday gundog test Faith came 2nd and was awarded the Rockmoor Challenge Trophy. So huge CONGRATULATIONS to Pauline and Faith, what a start for a young girl.


On the 10th of July we were very pleased to welcome Gunter Wonish, and his friend Mario, who had brought Lola, Ch. Gloris Z Rohateckych Luk, from Austria to be mated by Bentley.

Gunter and his friend Mario, shared the driving all the way from Austria to England with Lola, Gunter had to leave on the Thursday, as he was Judging in Austria on the Saturday, but unfortunately Lola had different plans, and we had to say Goodbye to Gunter and Mario on the Thursday, and they had to leave Lola here, and of course she was mated on the Friday!

Gunter and his girlfriend came back to collect Lola on the following Friday, had Lunch and then went straight back for the ferry to France, stay the night there and then back to Austria the next day.

We had a lot of laughs over the few days that Gunter and Mario were here, Mario owns two litter mates from Lola’s first litter, Angus and Abby, both who have done well in the show ring. Gunter and Mario had a few days out, to see a little of our area.

Bentley (left) and Lola

Gunther Wonisch with Kirkmarsh friends

On the 16th we visited the Championship Show of the Irish Water Spaniel Association, to see Rover being shown.
It was nice to catch up with Fred and Barbara, and to see Rover win his class.



t is amazing to think that on the 21st Bentley has been in this country and with us for 5 years,  we are just thankful that we have been brought together with Bentleys breeders Ginny and Larry Spencer, we have a wonderful friendship.

Again time is flying by Liz will be 8 years old on the 25th, and we are very thankful for Mats Sjogren, for sending this girl to us.

We are very proud of our first export to America, Cletus, Kirkmarsh Dapper, owned by Sarah Reed in Boca Raton, who has now been there a 1 year. Sarah has done remarkably well with this boy, he has a wonderful life, he plays with fallen Mango’s from the trees in the garden, goes on holiday to Orlando, sleeping of course in the Hotel room, and he has a play mate who goes by the name Ziggy. What more does a boy need, other than the love of Sarah, who dotes on him.

Ziva was scanned on the 29th, and we saw eight bouncing babies moving around, but with the chance of one or two more.


Cletus in the US (left and above)


The first part of this month was quite social; we celebrated my Mothers 80th birthday, with close family at a local restaurant.

In adition, on 7th we met up with friends David and Ursula and Ian and Pauline, for a lunch time meal, which we really enjoyed catching up with everybody.

hen on the 21st of August, Ziva gave birth to 11 puppies 7 girls and 4 boys, on her sire’s Bentley's birthday. This was Ziva’s fist litter and she did a real good job of rearing all of the puppies.



On the 16th Lola gave birth to 4 boys and 2 girls, and we are looking forward to hearing all about them over time.

Melvyn went to Catton park on the 17th on a partridge shoot. This was also a gundog Field Trial training day.

Kate came in to season on the 18th, this will be Kate’s last season, as we plan to have her spayed later.

The pups were also wormed today, they are getting bigger and stronger, and already puppy owners have been to see them.

We were very pleased to have a visit from Nichol and Susan Watson on the 25th and they were put straight to work,  drying puppies, as we were giving them a little bath, being 5 week old, and 11 of them careering around, it was time for a bath. Then it was time for Sunday lunch, and a good natter.

Lola with her puppies

Melvyn playing with Ziva's puppies


8th and 9th  and it is time for the some of the pups to leave, they are now 7 weeks old, and this weekend they are travelling to Dorset, Wiltshire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, East Renfrewshire, and the West Midlands. We wish all the new puppy owners good luck with their puppies.

On the 16th another puppy went to Yorkshire. Then on the 17th we took 4 puppies to the vets for their first injections and micro chipping, these were,

 Zek,  New Zealand.

 Rolo,  Northumberland, and then on to California.

 Cassie, Isle of Arran.

Sophie, who will be staying with us.

 The new owners of Cassie flew in from a holiday in Australia straight here to pick up Cassie, they stayed the night and went on their way to Arran the next day, they looked absolutely spaced out when they left. But we have had some wonderful photos of Cassie on the Island.

27th Zek back at the vets for blood test, this is a requirement for his travel to New Zealand.



Zek (off to New Zealand); Rolo (off to Northumberland & then California);
Cassie (off to the Isle of Arran) and Sophie (staying to be Denise's new gundog

Cassie at her new home on the Isle of Arran


Rover was at the IWSA open show where he stood second in his class.

Zek was at the vets on the 8th for a blood test. New Zealand are very strict on animals entering the country and dogs have to go through a thorough vetting before they can be sent. On arrival Zek will have 10 days in quarantine before his new owner can take him home.

Then we had Rio in Season.

On the 14th Zek, Rolo and Sophie were back at the vets for their final jabs, and Kennel Cough for Zek, and wormers, and frontline for all.

Zek is going by courier to New Zealand, and on the 20th we took him to Shrewsbury, to the Golden Arrow shipping company. Where he will leave on the 23rd from Heathrow, and will arrive in New Zealand on the 25th, he will have a stopover in Los Angeles on route.

Rolo, left us on the 26th with his new owners, and will live in Northumberland until the New Year, then he will go to California.

This is Sophie who is staying here.









We were very selfish and went away on our own for two nights, and left the dogs at home with a sitter. We were ready for the rest and a little time on our own, we have been very busy over last few months.

On the 11th we had a lunch date with Ian and Pauline, Mary and Tony, David and Ursula, Dave and Lin and Jill Taft. It is just so good to have a good meal with friends and catch up.

Melvyn and Ziva travelled up to Dumfriesshire, to go picking up with Cammy. They were on the Old Auchenbrack estate that belongs to a Baron, it had been snowing and the day was very cold, but both Melvyn and Ziva enjoyed it, thank you Cammy.



Melvyn & Ziva

Cammy & dogs

On the 30th we managed to get on our shoot picking up on Roach Abbey with Ziva and Rio.

Also Faith, Kirkmarsh Delight for Hiberna, has been out this season picking up on local shoots with her dad, Doyle.


Denise & Ria picking up  

January 2012.

Grandson, Noah came, to play with his new garage, but his new play mate Sophie was very interested in him and the garage. But a little later the tables were turned as Noah got very interested in Sophie’s crate, with Noah inside the crate, and Sophie on the outside looking very perplexed, as to why Noah was in HER crate?, so the only thing to do was to let Sophie in as well, so they were both sat in the crate. I must admit that his Mum, Melvyn and I had a laugh over that.

324, 326. 

18th Sophie attends her first Ringcraft class (yes you read right) I was getting worried that through having pups here for longer than normal, and the dark nights, she was not getting any socializing with people or other dogs, so this was a way of doing both and Sophie is also learning, and bonding with me. I do have her walking at heal, sitting and staying, and recall, and she does retrieve. But all of that is working on her own. She will be doing ringcraft every week.


Kate was spayed on the 19th, and Ziva had her booster, and then the next day came in season.

We had another family celebration, My Auntie Margaret was 90 years young on the 25th, it was another family get together over lunch.




Ringcraft have a puppy of the month, all of the 8 puppies in the class were under 6 months, and Sophie came 4th which was great. 

 On the 13th Bentley went to have his eyes tested, and the results were clear.

Sophie attended her first show on the 18th , run by the people who run the ringcraft, it was not a Kennel Club run show, and Sophie was in the “Puppy Walk” as she is just under 6 months old. There were 11 puppies in the class, all different breeds, but after everybody had strut their stuff in front of the judge, we were asked to leave the ring, with more than half the others in the class. But we did get some photos in the ring and outside.

1340, 1347, 1359.


On the 19th we were very pleased to meet “Conor” David and Ursula’s new puppy from America, he is a lovely boy, with a lovely temperament. We had a nice Sunday dinner, with David and Ursula, after dinner David took some photos of “the imports”, Liz, Bentley and Conor. 

David your photos please.





























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