Litter plans
Updated 15 October 2019
Polly x Conor

We are planning a mating between our Polly (Kirkmarsh Whip O'Diamond) and David & Ursula Wilcox's American import, Conor (Muddy Waters Tide Turn To Fedrake O' Good Dogs Farm) sometime in early 2020.
For more information phone us on +44 (0)1142471989 or e mail

Pedigree of prospective litter

10 generation coefficient of inbreeding 5.6%

Health results
  Polly Conor
Hips 7+3 Total 10 2+3 Total 5
Elbows 0 0
Eyes Clear - 14 October 2019 Clear - Nov 2018

Left Polly with mum, Dede and on the right Conor