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Updated 12 August 2019

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On Tuesday 05 February 2019 Dede whelped 5 girls and 3 boys.
The puppies have now gone to their homes.
The pictures below show the pups at 3 days old.
Please note, all puppies are spoken for.

Dede's puppies are due this coming week, as you can see she is getting large.

Dede was scanned on 07 January 2019 and is confirmed as being in whelp. This litter will represent the 20th anniversary of the first litter of Kirkmarsh Irish Water Spaniels and is expected at the end of January 2019.

We mated Dede (Kirkmarsh Green Charmer) to Fenwick (Lachanstrand's Dubhlainn at Janbry) on December 2nd 2018. Dede is an established working Irish Water Spaniel who was bred by us and has already produced one litter of pups in 2017. Dede is a grandaughter of our American import Bentley and a great grandaughter of our Swedish import, Liz.
Fenwick is a son of our American import, Yeates and is showing promise as a working Irish Water Spaniel.

Dede's details  Fenwick's details  Litter pedigree

If you are interested in a puppy please get in touch.

Melvyn & Denise Hurst, Killamarsh, Sheffield UK +44 (0)1142471989

Dede at work: Photos © Julian Simcock  (JDMS Photography Sheffield)

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