Stud dogs (updated 05 October 2016)
Our stud dogs page is a joint venture with some of our friends to help would be breeders of Irish Water Spaniels find a suitable stud dog and to maximise the numbers of dogs used at stud.
The Irish Water Spaniel is already highly inbred with all of the potential health dangers that implies. By maximising the number of dogs (and bitches) used for breeding we hope to be able to slow the rate at which the little genetic variation that is present in the population as a whole is lost.
We shall be adding more information about each dog, including contact details, but for now please get in touch with us if you have any enquiries.
Fendrake's Wayward Lad (Flynn)

Fendrake's Island Prince (Dillon)l
Muddy Waters Tide Turn To Fendrake O' Good Dogs Farm

Kirkmarsh Baffler (Merlin)

Kirkmarsh Dasher (Rover)

Kirkmarsh Dapper (Cletus)

Kirkmarsh Torrent (Oscar) 

Fendrake's Severn Dream (Bramble)

Mizenhead Diabolo

Kirkmarsh Countryman at Kilmaganney (Logan)

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