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       Melvyn and "Ziva" picking up                                                                                     Updated:
05 Feb 2017              

Puppies at 4½ weeks old
04 February 2017

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 Puppies at 3 weeks old
 24 January 2017

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Introducing our latest addition "Cybil" also known as Islacairn Precious Pearl at Kirkmarsh and born on 29 January 2016.
Bred by Ian and Jackie Hill in Keith she is a descendant of our Swedish import Liz, our home bred Mr Doyle and Melvyn's beloved home bred Teasel.
See Cybil's Pedigree
Above, Cybil with Denise 07 April 2016 and below Denise on the left and on the right Ursula Wilcox, the breeder of Cybil's mother on Good Friday 2016. 
Welcome to the Kirkmarsh Irish Water Spaniels' web site, where you can find out a little about us, our dogs and what we do.
We own and occasionally breed IWS and our passion is to use them in the shooting field, predominantly for picking up on formal game shoots but also on Grouse moors. We also use them competitively in retriever (the IWS is classified as a retriever) gundog working tests and the occasional field trial. We also enter the odd show as do some of our Kirkmarsh owners.
Our water spaniels are bred for temperament, for working in the shooting field, competitive gundog tests and trials but most of all they are bred to be great companions with fantastic personalities. Our owners too use them for a wide variety of activites: picking up, beating, wildfowling,  deer stalking, mink tracking but also competitive flyball, showing or just taking part in an active family life.
The dogs we now use for breeding are all hip scored, elbow scored and have annual eye tests. In addition, mating considerations are checked against a breed database and genetics program to ensure we achieve low levels of inbreeding.
Our current dogs come from the United States, Sweden, Ireland and homebred by us in the UK.
We devote most of our time and energy to the breed, including the promotion of the IWS in the UK.
We occasionally have puppies available and would be delighted to talk to you about the Breed and whether it is suitable for you.

Melvyn & Denise Hurst
Left is our American import boy, Yeates (Ballyhoo's Quarry Seeker at Kirkmarsh) on picking up duty during the 2015/2016 shooting season.

Below is Denise's Dede (Kirkmarsh Green Charmer) picking up during 2015 and 2016.

Above right is Melvyn's Ziva (Mizenhead Dream at Kirkmarsh) on a walked up shoot day

Photos to the left courtesy Debbie Turska
Showing the Kirkmarsh IWS team in the Galloway Gundogs team gundog working test. Melvyn with Ziva and Yeates, Denise with Sophie and Joy Waddington (in hat) with Bann.

On the grouse moor in Scotland

Picking up at Chillington Hall

Gundog working test, Mawley Hall

Kirkmarsh Zephyr - New Zealand bound

Irish Show Champion - Kirkmarsh Countryman

Kirkmarsh Boaster - Crufts team flyball competitor.

Kirkmarsh Baffler and friend